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Let me show you some test shots done last week in my new apartment. Andy as a model.


Phone photos 6#

Lublin seems to be my friend for this year.

Phone photos 5#

The time of laziness and calm just passed. Again the university, again with the same duties. New apartment and new flatmate. Week gone so fast, since Friday I can rest a little bit at home, sweet home.

Last part from The Baltic Sea

The last part of pics I took during my vacations at the Baltic Sea.

Baltic Sea

I had fantastic time spendig my vacation at the Baltic Sea. Despite the fact that the holiday started in early September, the weather was good. Not bored, there was little time for lying. I wanted to see everything.

Hungarian Lesco soup

In the summer when the gardens and markets are filled with ripe peppers and tomatoes, Hungarians like to make Lecso, me too. Lecso comes in many variations and it can be served as a main dish or used as a base for other dishes, like meat stew. Personally, I eat Lecso as soup with rye bread.

You will need:
– Three large zucchinies (I’ve used two yellow and one green but it’s meaningless. Lesco color just looks prettier and more appetizing)
– Two crisp onions
– 1/2 pound of sausages.
– 2 large red peppers
– Salt, black pepper, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, allspice and bay leaves

All the rest is shown in the pictures.



And now…

you can say you do’t like France ;3

Clean up the mess!


Autumn is coming. Time to say goodbye to my parents house and move out to a new apartment. It is also the time of packing and organizing.
Autumn does not have to be sad and full of burgundy. I’m going to wear white, because that makes me feel fresh.

Seaside architecture

I am impressed by the seaside architecture. If you have a lot of free time and do not want to lose it lying idle on the beach, I recommend visiting a coastal town. Architecture is largely different from the one which can be found in eastern Poland. Pomerania is plentiful in Gothic churches and houses. Cultural paradise for students like me.

Marlena wearing gold

Once again worked with Marlene. Another successful session. My baby girl never fails, but always professional.
Congratulations to her for working with Bershka. Enjoy your vacation at the Polish seaside, M!

PS. You can follow her career here.